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Landscape Lighting

Safety, Security, and Beauty.  That is what you can expect when you get your Landscape Lighting from REAMS.  With our complete line of outdoor lighting, REAMS can help you with all your lighting needs to help expand your customers Outdoor Living Area.  Choose from a wide selection of professional grade fixtures in aluminum, brass, and copper. 


LED Fixtures

Energy saving LED options offer outstanding light output with drastically reduced energy consumption and longer lamp life.

LED Replacement Lamps

Upgrade to an energy efficient LED system by changing out your existing lamps with our LED Retro Lamps! LED Lamps bring longevity and cost savings.

Specialty Lighting

REAMS offers low voltage landscape fixtures to light decks, steps, gazebos, pergolas, water features, and hardscape walls

Color Changing

Do you have a job that requires a little bit extra? REAMS offers color changing lights

Frequently Asked Questions

Outdoor lighting can provide numerous benefits for a landscape, including enhanced safety and security, increased curb appeal, and extended use of outdoor spaces during the evening hours. Outdoor lighting can also highlight the architectural features of a home or landscape, as well as showcase specific plants or outdoor structures. By using energy-efficient LED lighting and incorporating lighting controls, outdoor lighting can also be a cost-effective addition to a landscape.

There are many types of outdoor lighting fixtures available, including path lights, spotlights, floodlights, well lights, and deck lights. Path lights are used to light up walkways and paths, while spotlights and floodlights can be used to highlight specific features or plants. Well lights are installed flush with the ground and can be used to uplight trees or tall plants, while deck lights can be used to provide ambient lighting for outdoor living areas.

Designing a landscape lighting plan involves several steps, including identifying the areas to be lit, choosing the appropriate fixtures and lighting types, and determining the lighting angles and intensity. It is important to balance the functional and aesthetic aspects of the lighting plan, taking into consideration the client’s preferences and the overall design of the landscape. Consulting with a professional lighting designer can help ensure a well-designed and effective lighting plan.

Low voltage outdoor lighting operates at a lower voltage (typically 12 or 24 volts), and requires a transformer to step down the voltage from the standard 120 volts used in most homes. Low voltage lighting is safer to install and operate, and is more energy-efficient than line voltage lighting. Line voltage lighting operates at the standard 120 volts used in most homes, and is typically used for larger, commercial applications.

There are several ways to ensure that outdoor lighting is energy-efficient, including using LED lighting, installing lighting controls such as timers or motion sensors, and selecting the appropriate lighting fixtures for each application. By using energy-efficient lighting and controls, outdoor lighting can be a cost-effective addition to a landscape, while still providing the desired lighting effects. Regular maintenance of the lighting system, such as cleaning fixtures and replacing burned-out bulbs, can also help ensure efficient operation.

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