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REAMS carries a full line of snow shovels, spreaders, and various types of bagged Ice Melt to help with your storm cleanup efforts.

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There are many types of ice melt available on the market, and the type you choose depends on the surface you’ll be treating and the specific needs of your client. Some ice melts are more effective than others at melting ice at lower temperatures, while others are gentler on vegetation and concrete. Consider factors like the temperature range in your area, the type of surface being treated, and any environmental concerns your client may have when selecting an ice melt product.

One way to protect outdoor plumbing and irrigation systems from freezing is to use insulation. Cover outdoor faucets and exposed pipes with foam insulation, and consider using heat tape to keep pipes warm in extremely cold temperatures. Be sure to disconnect hoses and drain any water from outdoor faucets to prevent frozen pipes and water damage.

The type of snow removal equipment you’ll need depends on the size and scope of the property you’re servicing. For smaller properties, a snow shovel or snow blower may be sufficient, while larger properties may require a snow plow or other heavy-duty equipment. Consider the amount of snow you typically receive in your area and the size and layout of your client’s property when selecting snow removal equipment.

One way to prevent damage to landscaping during snow removal is to create a designated snow removal area. Mark off an area where snow can be piled without damaging plants or hardscaping features. You can also use stakes or flags to mark the edges of planting beds and other sensitive areas, making it easier for your crew to see where to avoid when clearing snow.

To prepare your client’s property for winter storms, make sure all gutters and downspouts are cleared of debris and in good working order. Trim any dead or overhanging branches to prevent damage to property and power lines. Inspect outdoor lighting fixtures and replace any bulbs that have burned out. Consider using de-icing products on sidewalks and driveways to prevent slips and falls. Finally, make sure your crew has access to all necessary equipment and supplies, and have a clear plan in place for responding to winter weather events.

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