REAMS offers a full line of agronomic products to our customers. Whether you’re treating residential, commercial, or municipal sites, REAMS offers a product line that will provide you the options needed to maintain your properties. REAMS also has an on-staff agronomic product manager with over 20 years of experience in landscape maintenance that can answer your questions.


REAMS offers many options specifically designed for use in your part of the Midwest. We offer several different slow-release options with Prodiamine, Dithopyr, Imidacloprid, Protego, and Trimec. We also offer traditional all mineral options and blends with organic matter, iron, and other micronutrients to help build healthy soils.


At REAMS we have a full line up of herbicides to suit the needs of turf care throughout the Midwest. We carry brands from some of the most recognized manufacturers in the United States. We also have many unique options for those difficult situations that arise in the lawn care world.


The weather in the Midwest brings challenges to maintaining healthy turf and ornamentals. If fungus is a problem you battle, REAMS carries multiple options to help you control fungus damage on turf and ornamental plants.


At REAMS we know that insects are a problem all landscape managers face at different points during the growing season. Whether you face grubs in your lawns or bagworms on your ornamental landscape plants, REAMS has products you can use to get ahead of these pests in your landscapes.


Many products that are used on our landscapes require/recommend the addition of adjuvants to enhance results. Whether you need a non-ionic surfactant, defoamer, spray patterning indicator, or more, REAMS has many items that will enhance the effectiveness of your applications.


REAMS carries certified seed blends that will perform best in your location. With industry leading grass varieties and blends to maximize the performance of the turf once established, REAMS offers unique blends to improve the quality of your lawns.


Whether you need a backpack sprayer, push spreader, or ride-on machine, REAMS carries options to help you be more productive each day. Inventory varies by location, so be sure to check with your local territory manager to see which items are available at your local branch.