REAMS offers all of the irrigation components for residential, commercial, and sports fields applications/projects.  Whether is a basic irrigation system, drip irrigation, or a central control operating system, REAMS can help you with your project.  With irrigation being our main background, we have years of experience to assist you with any of your irrigation needs.  REAMS also offers design services for those larger projects.


REAMS carries all of the supplies that you need to install and service your residential sprinkler system.


Have a large commercial project that you are installing or doing service on?  REAMS is here to help.  We carry all of the professional grade, industrial strength products for your commercial needs.  Besides the basic valves, rotors, drip, and controllers, REAMS also offer different control options to be able to run your commercial systems from afar and monitor how they are watering.

Sports Fields

From Baseball to Football fields, REAMS has the products, expertise, design services to assist you with your Sports Field needs.


The use of low-volume Drip Irrigation is expanding and becoming more commonplace in all markets.  Residential and Commercial use is usually confined to landscape beds and planting areas.  Nurseries, orchards, and green houses use drip extensively to maintain and produce a better product in a controlled environment.

Smart Irrigation Products

The use of Smart Irrigation products on your new and existing irrigation systems can help save your customer money as well as increase your bottom line.  Smart Irrigation products could be a simple automatic Rain Sensor to start, or we could go all the way up to flow monitoring on larger projects

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